5 Ways to Communicate with Deaf People

Deafness is a form of hearing loss affecting many people. These deaf people are similar to others as they can form good families, successful career or watch television. It is not a disability to them so they should be treated right. It is therefore not correct to shout loud to them making assumptions about their problem.


It is advisable to learn the methods you can interact with deaf people. Here is an explanation of 5 ways to communicate with deaf people:


Speaking Clearly And Not Louder


You should not let the life to be a Verizon commercial. Therefore, it is not wise to shout loud to deaf people by asking them whether they can hear you. It doesn’t matter whether they are also hard hearing people as it won’t help.


When talking to people who have hard in hearing or deaf, you should focus on generally speaking to them. There will be no need of speaking slowly or over-enunciating especially if the partner you are communicating with is reading your lips.


Facing The Deaf Person


For deaf people to clearly understand the ongoing conversation’s content, they usually give full attention to communication. It is therefore wise for people who hear to note that they need to face each other.


When you are speaking with deaf people, ensure that they know you are talking to them either through signing or verbally. It is therefore essential if a deaf person can see your lips for easy reading. So ensure lights are on and keep eye contact.


Avoid Interacting With An Interpreter


Sometimes the hard – of – hearing and deaf people will require to have an interpreter. In case you are communicating with the deaf people, and there is an interpreter, avoid directing your conversation to them.


In such situations, look for a personal assistant for such matter. It will lead in confusing the deaf people on the conversation taking place.


Avoid Making Assumption On Sign Language


Hearing people are different in the language they speak, and the same applies to deaf people. Some of the deaf are conversant with American deaf sign language while others are not. It is the same case where other can read lips and the others can’t.


It is wise to learn some manners while speaking to a deaf person. You should not presume that you already know how that deaf person communicates.


Avoid Assuming Deaf As Hearing Impaired


People should stop thinking as hard- to hear and deaf is a hearing impaired. The people who are already in the deaf culture no longer consider being deaf as a disability to them. People who are in the hearing world should understand that, and they will no longer struggle to understand each other.


This makes the word “hearing impaired” inappropriate to the deaf people. It is not something universal but a good thumb rule. When talking about being impaired, it means that they have something wrong.


Deaf people can communicate with each other just fine, but the hearing community struggles to communicate with them. So avoiding the “hearing impaired” will give a chance to the hearing and deaf community to communicate effectively.

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